More On Genting RWS

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Compiled by Professional Ground

23 Aug 2010 Mon

It is just the Monday after the Lion City’s YOG football team has loss the semi-final match to a “weak team” Haiti, Genting Singapore stock has risen again in the afternoon time. There are hopes and risks involved.

We compiled some of the media news and commentaries about Nomura’s cautious approach to Genting Singapore stock buy which is all self-explanatory. (see attached stories). Hence we do not wish to add further views on the pros and cons to the arguments. However, our panelists remain as cautious as Nomura in view of current “heavy punting” activity on this casino stock. Also, there are unrealistic expectations being generated for what the Singapore IR can achieve. Or did we say It’s the Market Size and the MBS factor?

For those who entered the market much earlier, it may be the time to start your moderations now. The next moderately good news for the US economy or up-swing of NYSE may trigger investors and hedge funds to move away…


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