Doubtful? The Lion City IR & Casinos

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Interesting highlights of local news

11 Aug 2010     Wed                                      

The Lion City local news (The Straits Times) has suddenly splashed on its prime pages, that the IR casinos are too close for comfort and, it is “hard to track” the IR’s economic values/contribution!

The sudden “reflection” of the IR’s economic values/contribution as well as casinos are too close for comfort reports on The Straits Times (11 Aug 2010) don’t seem to be in coherence with the Lion City’s day-one proclaim of “the (IR) economic values will outweight casino problems and there are measures in place for better control…” sort of confidence.  In addition, when the IR project started the tourism agency had also clearly stated that by 2015 the visitor number would hit 17 million and tourism reciept at S$30b!  It is therefore confusing for all concerned that now that the claims of economic contribution become “hard to track” after the IRs opened and going forward. 

How could the above key factors for going ahead with the IR project have suddenly become doubtful?  Is this just the wrong understanding of the facts by the news correspondent or simply a confusion… maybe.

Regardless, Philippines (Manila) seems to be confident enough to rush for their domestic casinos franchise & privatization (basically, further expansion of the gaming & entertainment industries) now that the new president & his team’s realization of such IR’s economic values/contributiion …


What about 17m visitors & S$30b tourism receipt?

Strange to raise the point now when both IRs are up in operations


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