Battlestar Galactica – Empty Promises

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

5 th Aug 2010    Thur

Quality does not match up with vision...

Extracts from Yahoo! Singapore News (Fit To Post)

Roller coaster grounded due to ‘flaw in design’ of cars
Genting Group chairman and chief executive Lim Kok Thay says a “flaw in the design” of a car is causing Universal Studios Singapore’s star attraction, the Battlestar Galactica, to be grounded for more than four months.
From Resorts World Sentosa:   “The ride is under a major redesign. Not the track itself. It’s a flaw in the design of the car that would not perform to the standards that we wish for it to perform,” he said.
From a visitor to Universal Studios Theme Park (web comment):
“Just visited the theme park yesterday. Not only the Battlestar Galactica not available.  3 major rides were down – Rapid adventure, canopy flyers and crate adventure. Worst of all, we waited for an hour for rapid adventure! we are about to board the boat after 2 groups of visitors. only to be told there is technical problem and need to be down for > 1 hour. The staff can only say ‘sorry and thank you for your understanding’. Foreigners walking out of the ride were saying ‘disappointed!, waited for an hour…’ And the park doesn’t seem to care.”
From another web comment:
“It’s because of cheap labour of china design. And during testing the whole chair come down. “BOOM”. And now it need to re-check and re-check. If you sit on the chair. You will just fall all the way down sitting.”
Professional Ground:   
Some say that it has to do with cost-cutting measures maybe?  If so, great saving but the trade-off is Singapore tourism image ! 

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