Genting Spore Sells UK Casinos

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

2 July 2010  Fri

Quick commentary by the panel

Finally after some careful thoughts about the future of the 44 tiny casinos in a closed up regulatory environment, Genting Singapore has passed over this (hot) potato to its parent at almost half the price they initially bought.
What it means,
* Improves on its otherwise not so pretty ROA.
* Yet keep this potato with its parent company await for future opportunity to sell to 3rd party or, when UK finally opens its casino market.

* Regardless, RWS still needs to prove its performance over the next two quarter though. That’s the most spot-lighted ground. Interesting to see how RWS would portray its mass and VIP casino revenue spread? Besides  Ebitda & margins.

Trying desperately to show better numbers in next two quarters

Pressurized to prove better results in next 2 quarters...


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