Was Marina Bay Sands Ready to Open?

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Extracts of Straits Times Forum
   17 June 2010

Click to enlarge the above images… 
Commentary by Professional Ground:
It is not surprising that still people are questioning whether Marina Bay Sands was truly ready to open in April 2010 during the Inter-pacific Bar Association’s conference? If not, why they were able to be granted the licenses (casino & hotel property)?
Up till now, it was said via the above forum that MBS is operating primarily as a “dedicated” casino more than anything else. The rest of the IR facilities (those that opened) are at best playing a minor role. It is learned that the authority has instructed MBS to make remedies on its “overly open” and uncovered large casino floor (?), to prevent easy viewing from the upper levels by teenagers and children.  This may cause more youth gambling problem in time to come.  
Many parts of the IR have yet to open. What will be the outcome of the forthcoming opening (yet another one) on 24 June? In hindsight, both the IRs were not in complete form and standards when they opened doors. One of the counter-argument was: “This is common (teething problems) for all large scale projects…” .   The IRs received many complaints since they partially opened, as highlighted in the public media.
Update:  The world’s tallest roller coaster in Universal Studios Singapore (Resorts World Sentosa) was grounded and still under “long-term intensive care” … rumors say that it was constructed using cheap materials from China…



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