What Others Say About IR Casinos

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7th June 2010  Mon

Singapore Journal – NewYork Times.com
Relaxing Its Grip to Play for a Winning Hand
 published 6 June 2010
 Extracts… from NewYork Times.com   
 … So far, the news media here have reported that locals have accounted for a greater share of gamblers than had been expected; Sands, which opened in late April, attracted bad press when participants in the first conference held there complained of power failures and other problems. Whether the resorts eventually attract the sought-after buzz and foreigners, especially when they are fully running later this year, remains to be seen.

“If I were to hazard a guess, I think that those who were banking on the holistic concept of integrated resorts to bring an increased and diverse number of tourists may be disappointed,” Derek da Cunha, the author of “Singapore Places Its Bets,” a book on the casinos’ impact on Singapore, said in an e-mail message. “Insofar as tourism is concerned, what we largely have now is casino tourism.”

Casino revenues, experts say, could also be crimped by Singapore’s stringent restrictions.

…. In Asia, especially in Macao, high rollers are usually shuffled from one casino to another by tour operators who guarantee their privacy. But the government here requires tour operators to disclose gamblers’ names and passport and tax identification numbers. The regulations have effectively forced the casinos to seek high rollers on their own by inviting big-betting guests from their casinos outside Singapore.


Comments by Professional Ground: –

The points raised by the above article are not new any more, for  analysts who are constantly tracking the Lion City’s integrated resorts casino development.

It is true that the most talked about topic remains as whether High-rollers will come to Singapore casinos?  There will be but not with high capacity.  Those who are having too high expectations will be disappointed, we believe.  

For Singapore, all eyes are focusing on whether local participation rate at the two casinos will increase, in which it currently stands at 33% of the casino visitors.  More interesting question:  Is it time to consider the increase of the entry levy for locals? 


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