Professional Ground’s assessment on the dot!

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

2 June 2010, Wed

Today the news has reported that Las Vegas Sands president confirmed that its Marina Bay Sands casino received good response and local Singaporeans form 1/3 (33%) of casino patrons and the rest are foreign visitors and those working in Singapore.  (Including labourers).

Slots market will be heavily contested by the two IR casinos

The news confirmed our earlier assessment (as in the article “Recap of IR Casino Scenarios”) of locals particiaption rate in IR casinos stays at average of 33%!

With the scenarios unfolding, it is envisaged that the mass market casino revenue would be cannibalized between the two integrated resorts, Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands.  For such a grind market especially heavily reliance on the cross-border (busing) Malaysians and locals, the casino games table pricing  maybe reduced over time, in order that casinos can maintain their “grip” over repeat patrons.  This is more effective than loyalty programs which try to reward gamblers based on earned reward points. 

Since the Slots are much more attractive gaming devices in Singapore, at an avearge of 35% contribution to total casino revenue as we envisaged, it is most likely that casinos will soon start to exercise “Cash-back” to Slot patrons in order to generate higher turnover (& win) from the larger repeat pool of customer base among locals & Malaysians.


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