IR Casinos, Next Quarter

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

29 May 2010 

Professional Ground Index 007  

Index 007 - Look for the next quarter performance


Too much have been said by many sources about the Singapore Integrated Resorts, especially casino performance.  

Readers will need to focus on the following items to gauge IR casinos next quarter (April – June) performance: 

*  What will be the performance of VIP gaming business?  In view of rumors that the casinos (or Junkets) desperate tactical move to “by-pass” the regulator’s casino junkets control.  (i.e. Pseudo VIPs).  Even overseas hedge fund managers and industry insiders learned about such practice.  Both casinos might be under great pressure to grow VIP gaming business so as not to be pushed into the game of cannibalization of this known small mass market.   

*  What’s the trends of local and Malaysian casino patrons on Mass gaming floor?  Will the mass casino gross revenue grow enough in size for two casinos (RWS & MBS) or cannibalization has to happen? 

*  The success of theme park in a hot tropic location?  And coupled with rumors of using cheap materials… 

*  Types of MICE events and volume that Marina Bay Sands could bring into Singapore. 

The next two quarters of operating results are to be closely watched.


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