RWS Roller Coaster Coming Down Fast!

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16th April 2010

Special Extracts of the local news

“Battlestar Galactica being dismantled”

Universal says tech experts doing ride inspection & review

By ARTHUR SIM           

(SINGAPORE) Universal Studios Singapore (USS) at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) has announced that its main attraction, the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster, is coming down – parts of it anyway.

No ride, for now: While initial setbacks are not uncommon, the closure of the Battlestar Galactica ride reinforces the view that the theme park would be loss making for a while, says an analyst

In an announcement released yesterday, USS said that it is in the process of a ‘complete ride inspection and review’.

USS added: ‘The vehicle has been dismantled and components have been analysed, including an X-ray of its parts.’

USS is not saying why X-rays are needed but it said, ‘no ride will be operated at any time unless it has passed all inspections and tests’.

The inspection and review includes an investigative team from the coaster’s design, engineering and manufacturing company, Vekoma, as well as independent assessors.

The main contractor for USS is China Jingye Engineering Corporation (Singapore) which was awarded the $705 million contract in July 2008. It also won a $60 million contract to supply, fabricate and deliver 23,000 tonnes of structural steel to RWS.

It was reported that the installation of the theme park’s attractions were also co-ordinated by China Jingye.


  Professional Ground blog’s comment:  We do not know WHAT NEXT will be dismantled in the Resorts World Sentosa… 

Such Screaming Success IS DEFINITELY far from Singapore's standards of excellence

Jonathan Galaviz, independent travel and leisure sector strategist said theme parks globally have a reputation for requiring significant capital reinvestment over time. ‘If major ride attractions at any theme park are not operational for an extended time, the reputation of the theme park can be critically damaged,’ he added.


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