Singaporeans Don’t Like To Work In Casino?

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Analysis by:   expert IR                           31st July 2009

I refer to the published news report about few Singaporeans going for casino jobs.   Apparently Marina Bay Sands could not even hire enough casino dealers for opening.  It was reported that Sands only pays S$1,800 basic salary (apprx. HK9,000+) and boasts that with tipping thrown in, a dealer could earn up to S$2,500 (approx. HK12,500).   This tipping thing again…

Let me attempt to provide some probable answers to that “designed to fail” syndrome:

(1)  Most Singaporean youth and working people are well educated lots, many are holding degrees and skilled diplomas. This is a place unlike Macau or Hong Kong, it will take quite some time for locals to get used to the ideas of dealing cards for many fellow Singaporean players.  Even in  the pre-2004 period, Macau population still viewed casino jobs as unethical and lowdown in social status. 

(2)  The starting basic salary for a dealer was reported at S$1,800 (with tipping it may be up to $2,500).  What happen the casinos deside to stop tipping as a policy?  Or only allowed limited share of tip box for employees?  Or tipping to include supervisory & Pit Bosses?  What a dealer could hope to get from the Tipping policy is actually not much of an incentive.  Another factor is that, Singaporeans are NOT used to giving tips!!!  Wait for the foreign travelers?  Just wait.

(3)  It is unimaginable that the Lion City casinos will go for the option of forced tipping.  This is already phased out in Macau even.

(4)  Parents’ objcetion of their children to work in casino jobs.  This is a factor not to be ignored.  Imaging after paying for their children’s higher education and allow them to work in the casino!?  What will the friends and relatives say?

(5)  Casino dealer’s job and related service incumbents are expected to work on 4 – 5 shifts rotations.  For the basic salary as reported, the IR could only scan the bottom of the barrel.  

(6)  I don’t expect the IR to welcome old folks with open-arms for casino jobs.  This is not MacDonald’s. 

(7)  From my experience, casino will face with high attrition of dealers and shift service staff, coupled with the reported so so basic salary scheme.  If the casino chose to go for foreign labour to staff junior casino jobs (with the authority’s consent), then they will face with higher operating costs.

(8)  Promotion to Shift manager?  Go ask the real casino guys who can tell you the truth and how long it takes.  There isn’t many such positions with only two casinos in IR anyway.  Remember, the casino floor space has been restricted to 15,000 sq. m.

In most cases, the IR casinos will be manned with low table utilization rates.  The solution would be, carefully plan out the casino’s shift schedules and introduce better employment benefits for revenue-critical positions to be staffed by better trained incumbents.  Please do not rely on Tipping…  as a gimmick, especially in the Lion City.

Tips?  Must be joking...

Tips? Must be joking...


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